Snacks like apple, pear, banana and mango are popular in our restaurants.

They’re also delicious at home, but if you need a little extra help, you can get healthier snacks delivered to your door.

Here are a few tips for getting healthier snacks in your neighborhood.1.

Get the snacks you need to feel full 1.

Get your fruit snacks on the same day they’re supposed to be delivered.


Take a fruit snack from your refrigerator to the store for a taste.


Put them in your purse or bag, then take them home.


Use the snacks as a snack bar or snack wrap.5.

Put the snack bar on the table and grab the whole stack for your next meal.6.

Snack wrap up for a snack and add a little sweetness.7.

Use snacks to make quick and easy meals, like a grilled chicken sandwich or a healthy dessert.8.

Use fruit snacks for healthy snack swaps.9.

Get snack boxes for delivery and give them to friends.10.

Pick up a healthy snack bar in your local grocery store or online.11.

Buy snacks at the local farmers market or local farmers markets.12.

Order a healthy salad or snack recipe and bring it home.13.

Get snacks delivered from a convenience store or local grocery.14.

Get healthy snacks delivered by an employee.15.

Have your neighborhood health club offer free healthy snacks to residents.16.

Get healthier snacks to go to work or to go out with friends.17.

Find a snack store near you and bring them home with you.18.

Keep healthy snacks in a small bag or box at home and have them shipped to your home.19.

Get more healthy snacks from a local store.20.

Get a snack box delivered to you at home with the box containing the snack.21.

Add a little sweet to your next healthy snack and have it delivered to the door.22.

Order snacks to snack bars and make them healthier.23.

Add healthy snacks and a treat to a meal or dessert for a healthy treat.24.

Get lunch delivered to a local grocery or grocery store.25.

Get fruit snacks delivered and put them in the freezer for a quick snack or snack bar.26.

Get all the snacks in the same bag at the same time.27.

Get ready for a healthier lunch.28.

Have snacks delivered for you and your family from a restaurant.29.

Bring healthy snacks home to your house.30.

Get new healthy snacks at your favorite local grocery stores.31.

Make healthy snack substitutions and snacks that work for you.