Politico’s Jennifer Epstein breaks down five tips for curbing the vitriol directed at Donald Trump’s political opponents, and how to handle them.


Don’t be surprised if they don’t read your posts.

“The fact that someone is upset about the way you have been treated should not be a surprise,” said John Weaver, a former senior adviser to the White House who now runs the Twitter-focused advocacy group Fight for the Future.

“It’s not your fault.”


Get angry when you get attacked.

“Don’t let your anger get the better of you,” Weaver said.

“Make it a point to be a little bit more angry and critical of your opponents than you would be of yourself.”


Don’ t forget to say “thank you” to your supporters.

“I know you are upset,” Weaver advised.

“But I know you love this country, and I know it is your right to be upset.”


Use the hashtag #FauxTrump.

“If you want to call out a bad tweet, tweet the #FTA,” Weaver told me.

“And #FTE, #FTR, #FEB, #FTT, and #FNT are great ways to make it clear that your opinion matters.”


If your tweets aren’t getting attention, don’t blame the person.

“When you tweet something, you’re sending a message that people should be listening to you,” said Weaver.

“Not that you should be saying, ‘We’re listening to your opinion.'”