One of the great things about being a vegan is that you can do almost anything you want.

You can make a vegan chocolate chip cookie that’s all about the ingredients and then put the ingredients in the freezer.

Or you can eat them while waiting for the Christmas pudding, or just make vegan ice cream with a bowl of chocolate chips and some whipped cream.

The possibilities are endless.

And while it may sound daunting to some, you can get a whole lot done in just a few minutes.

Here are three super bowl dessert ideas for the holidays.

Super bowl dessert is super delicious and can be made without any eggs, dairy, eggs, or meat.

I made vegan chocolate chips that taste like chocolate chips. 

I’ve also been enjoying the vegan chocolate cookie dough that comes with my cake and cookie recipes, and you can use this recipe to make vegan chocolate icing. 

Finally, I made some vegan ice creams with my homemade whipped cream, and I added some vegan whipped cream to my homemade chocolate chip cookies.

I like to use some vegan coconut oil for this ice cream, but if you want to make it with any kind of oil, I’d suggest using coconut oil instead. 

These vegan dessert ideas are super tasty and they’re super easy to make.

Just make sure you have plenty of vegan ingredients in your pantry and make sure to eat the whole batch before you start making the dessert.

You don’t want to waste any of these super bowl dinner ideas!

They are very healthy and very filling, and they are so tasty.

I’ve also made some super bowl cookie dough and frosting to use on other dishes as well.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could also try this vegan chocolate cake, and the vegan cookie dough pudding recipe.

If these super bowls are a little on the low side, you might want to try this one-bowl vegan cake and vegan chocolate pie. 


The recipe for this vegan super bowl desserts can be found at I hope you love this recipe and share it with your family and friends!

Have a great week! 

Enjoy this vegan vegan superbowl dessert recipe from  The Vegan Kitchen  in this article of four delicious vegan dessert recipes for the holiday season!