Quick snacks are the key to the UK’s football experience, and these can be found in a wide variety of supermarkets.

They’re available in a number of different varieties, from the cheap and ubiquitous football packs of the likes of Tesco and Sainsbury’s to the more expensive packs that are usually reserved for the Premier League and the World Cup.

We’ve taken the time to analyse the most popular snacks for each game on the day of each game and compiled a list of all the best snacks to get you through your first game.

If you’re feeling brave and fancy your football snack, we’ve compiled a guide for you, including a selection of all of the snacks that can be bought in your local supermarket on the week of the match.

If there’s a game that you can’t get enough of, we also have a full guide on how to enjoy your football with the right snacks, which you can also read up on below.

In addition to the football snack essentials we’ve covered, we have a guide to everything from beer to wine to coffee, so if you’re looking for something specific to pair with your football, there’s an easy guide to what to buy to match your mood.

Football snacks are great, but what about all the other stuff you’ll need?

This guide will cover everything you need to keep your football-loving family entertained in the lead-up to a game.

We also have an entire section for everything that you’ll want to take with you to the stadium, whether it’s your family’s favourite team’s kit or a gift for a friend.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide to all the snacks you can buy in the weeks leading up to the game.

Have a great game, everyone.