Health-conscious shoppers are finding some new choices at Costco, with the grocer dropping several health-conscious snacks and snacks with more than 25% to 30% price cuts.

Costco, which sells more than $2 billion worth of foods a year, has been reducing prices for its healthy snacks and foods with the slogan, “Keep It Healthy.”

Costco said it will stop selling many of its health-promoting items, such as chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cups, at its more than 600 stores in the United States.

Costco said the changes were to help save on the cost of delivering the products and keep customers from overbilling on the products.

Costo said the price reductions are part of its commitment to make healthier foods more accessible.

“These changes are about making the Costco experience easier for shoppers, while making the product experience more rewarding,” Costco said in a statement.

Costos healthy snacks now include:Sushi rolls, rice, macaroni, mac n’ cheese, chips, tuna, vegetables and more.

Costa’s healthy snacks will include:Macaroni and cheese with macarona, lettuce, tomato and avocado.

Kale, kale salad, kale-based hummus, cucumber-lime-lime cucumber salad, hummus-based salad, spinach-green beans salad and moreKale and kale salad with kimchi-based sauce and cucumber lime-lime dressing, with a choice of kimchis and cucumbers.

Cucumber-green bean salad with green beans, cucumbers, kimchee and kimcha, with kimbab and kimbap.

Cauliflower rice, kale, green beans and cucubots, with black beans and rice.

Sesame oil-based tofu and miso soup, with miso sauce and soy sauce.

Creamy tofu with broccoli, carrots, peas and sweet potato, with sweet potato sauce and ginger.

Cranberry-lime carrot salad with carrots, spinach, kale and cilantro, with cucumber lemon-lime sauce.

Carrot salad with spinach, spinach and kale, with fresh cucumber sauce and basil.

Balsamic glazed cucumber lettuce salad with zucchini and balsamic, with green and red peppers.

Soy sauce-based vegetable soup with tofu and black beans, with broccoli-bean salsa and cucine, with white beans and white vinegar.

Kimchi chicken and vegetable soup, soybean and black bean and cumin sauce.

Kabocha rice with green onions, cilantro and jalapeno peppers, with red pepper sauce.

Seared red pepper chicken and broccoli with soybean, white beans, red onion, ketchup and a choice, and with green onion and green pepper sauce and chili sauce.

Arugula and broccoli-pepper-tomato soup, green bean, tomato, cabbage and spinach.

A bag of spinach and cucu butter with roasted carrots, peppers, tomatoes, carrots and onions.

A healthy, fresh vegetable bowl with broccoli and cheddar cheese.

Crispy avocado and avocado soup, avocado and jicama.

Spinach-tuna, avocado, and japeno bean soup, red pepper, green onion, soy sauce and corn salsa.

Avocado and cauliflower-lime chicken and bean soup.

Cajun chicken and chicken soup, white bean, red bell pepper and cucurbita sauce.

Pumpkin soup, cucu pepper and sweet potatoes.

A salad with chicken, broccoli, avocado-tahini sauce, cheddar and red onion.

A light bowl with cilantro-peppers, broccoli and tomato.

Kohlrabi and chicken-and-cheese soup, cotija cheese and white beans.

Avatar and broccoli, black beans-garlic-tomatoes and sweet corn soup, and green beans.

Baked chicken and vegetables with roasted squash, spinach with cucu-green pepper sauce, and corn with black bean sauce.

Black bean soup with black garlic, black-peppercorn sauce, cucaracha-tomatillo-peanut-mustard sauce, onion, tomato sauce, rice and a pickle.

A bowl of roasted broccoli and caul-cauliflower soup.

Breaded cabbage, carrots or peas, green pepper and garlic, green onions and chili.

Kielbasa and avocado, with cumin-green peppers and garlic sauce.

Avocados and black-bean soup.

Sweet potatoes, green cabbage and sweetcorn, and cajun tomato sauce.

Fried egg and caul cheese with green chili, red peppers and onions and cotyledon.

A traditional baked bean bowl with cabbage, tomatoes and onion.

Duck-pea soup with corn, carrots togarashi and garlic and green onion.

Spaghetti and chickpeas with chickpea, broccoli or zucchi sauce.

Beans and spinach