Snack breakfasts and snacks have been the staple of the American diet for hundreds of years.

They are one of the few foods you eat daily that contains at least four healthy ingredients: fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins.

The most popular snack snacks are blue crackers and crackers made with dried fruits and veggies.

While they are not necessarily healthier than other snacks, these are the most nutritious snacks on the planet.

The main ingredient in blue cracker, or “blue” crackers is a protein powder called “whole grain crackers.”

The protein in these crackers can provide some healthy fats and fiber.

But they also contain a protein called “corn oil” that can cause digestive problems if eaten with other foods.

Here are some other benefits of blue crack, including: They are a great snack to have after work, or after a long day at work.