It is very common to see the bible with a snack cart.

A snack crate is an optional, but recommended, feature for children who have been unable to sit still while reading the bible.

The crate is typically placed at the top of a shelf, so that it can be lifted up and placed next to a child’s bed.

It is a simple arrangement, but one that can create a nice diversion from the rest of the Bible.

If you have a snack tray, there is no need to make this arrangement.

Just place a tray next to the crate.

This tray can be used for snacks as well.

There is no room for a book, but a tray can also be used to hold a cup of tea.

The tray can then be placed in front of the child to make reading more enjoyable.

The bible can be enjoyed in its entirety without having to worry about a snack.

When we read the bible, we are doing so because we want to learn the truth.

We want to know what the Bible really means.

A simple snack crate can be an interesting distraction from the text.