You might not have thought much about eating a whole 30 days ago, but you will soon be doing so.

The New York Times reported that the new Whole30 plan has made it possible to buy as many as 20 per cent of your total daily calories from fruits and vegetables, which are now cheaper than their traditional form.

It also allows you to buy up to 20 per of your daily calorie needs from whole grains and other non-dairy foods, as well as dairy products.

And if you want to go further, you can buy the wholefoods app, which allows you and up to three friends to share their daily nutrition needs.

Wholefoods has now launched in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, and it’s now available in more than 20 countries including the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, and Iceland.

“Whole foods is a fast, simple, low-carb, protein-rich, and full of vitamins and minerals,” the website explains.

“The Whole30 is the new diet for everyone.

It’s the most effective way to cut out refined sugars, add healthy fats, and improve your health and well-being.”

It’s also easy to use, so there’s no need to get trained in a dietitian or nutritionist before signing up.

“You can find it on your phone or tablet, and you can download the app on the Apple App Store and Google Play,” Wholefoods says.

“If you’re new to Wholefood’s app, it’s the perfect way to start your week and get on your way to healthier living.”

The app is free to download and is available in the Apple app store, Google Play, and on the Google Play store in the UK and Canada.