The pregnant mom of a baby girl in her early 20s said she will soon get baby food.

Sarah Johnson is planning to deliver her first child on Friday.

She is expecting her third child with her boyfriend, who also is expecting a third.

The family has had a rocky time, she said.

Her mother, who was a stay-at-home mom before her first baby, is on Medicaid and has a long history of depression.

Her daughter is also on Medicaid.

Johnson said she was going to get a $150 discount on the snacks.

Her husband was not thrilled about it, but they agreed to let her use their $50 credit card.

Johnson is now looking for a company that specializes in baby foods.

The family said they have been shopping around, and found one in Denver that sells them a variety of baby snacks and baby bottles.

Johnson has no plans to bring in the snacks to the grocery store.