Super Bowl-sized snacks aren’t something you see everyday.

We’re not talking about a small snack bag or a big, super-sized bag, we’re talking about some really, really big ones.

And there are a lot of them.

But if you’ve ever been to a game in a stadium, you know what you’re getting: more than three giant bags of snacks, with dozens of options for snacks to snack on, all of which are available to buy.

Some are cheap, like the “snack bag,” but others are really expensive, like $4 each for the “super-sized” and “extra-large” bags.

That means the whole pack of chips, cookies, and other snacks is likely going to cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $12.

(A $3 snack pack can be had for about $7.)

But with all of this stuff on the market, it’s impossible to keep track of all of it, so we asked food historian, podcaster, and food-obsessed blogger Josh Kagan to make some food-themed lists of the most popular snacks in the Super Bowl.

Here are his top picks.


Snack bags: Snacks, you see, aren’t necessarily limited to just the big ones: There are lots of small snacks that are also super-size, too.

The only limit to the amount of snack bags you can pack is your imagination.

In some cases, you’ll be able to grab a handful of “snacks” in one sitting, or you can just pack the bags in a large plastic container.

The biggest problem with the large-bag-size snack is that you’ll have to constantly change them to get what you need.

“You can’t just go to a store and say, ‘Hey, I need some more crunchy chips,'” Kagan said.

“Or you’ll go out and buy some more granola, which is not a super-large snack.”

But if all of your snacks are packed in a single big plastic bag, you can usually find something that’s just right.

“The snacks will always be there, because there are snacks in there,” Kagan told Polygon.

“But if you’re just going to get one big snack, it might be a little more expensive, because you might have to buy the whole bag of them.”


Chips: The snacks here are big, but they’re not the same as those that you get in the stadium.

Some snacks are bigger than others, and some are bigger in different sizes, so they’re hard to compare with.

We were fortunate enough to find some of the snacks on our list that are really, REALLY big.

The big bag of Doritos, for example, is larger than the large bag, but it’s actually much smaller in size than the regular bag of chips.

Kagan pointed out that, when you go to the grocery store, you typically see a bigger bag of corn chips in the front of the aisle.

“So I guess it’s a little bit of a compromise there, but that’s kind of what you’ll find,” K. says.

The smaller-sized chips are usually made of the same ingredients, but the bigger ones are made of more of the “dough” which is a mixture of flour, sugar, and salt.

That makes them a bit harder to taste.

In other words, they’re much harder to describe.

“They’re not really that big of a deal,” Kgan said.


Slices of cereal: One of the biggest complaints about the snack packs in the Stadiums is that they’re too big for a kid to eat.

That’s a big problem for Kagan and the rest of us because, “They have a shelf life and a shelf-life is about how long they last in the fridge,” Kogan said.

That shelf-time is dependent on how much salt is in the food and how long the cereal sits in the refrigerator.

When the cereal is refrigerated, it’ll last longer, but not all cereal is the same.

K. also points out that you can make super-tiny chips with a little “snacking” in between the slices.

“I have one box of Oreos with only a few pieces of cereal,” Koga said.

These little chips can be about the size of a quarter or even a half of an Oreo, which makes them perfect for snacking on. 4.

Pies and muffins: We all love to snack, right?

If you’re going to a big Super Bowl party, you’re bound to find yourself sitting around the campfire and chatting away about the weather, or, well, whatever else you’re into.

But there are some snacks you’re not likely to find sitting on a table at a restaurant.

“Pies are the least of your concerns,” Kaga said.

If you want to save money and not eat too much of everything, Kaga recommends