A reader recently sent in a question about how fast food options in India compare to those in the US.

In India, the answer was “a lot,” said a reader, and the top five were: banana smoothie, dosa, burger, samosa and muddi. 

This, he said, is a “real shame” because in the UK, fast food outlets offer a range of options, from a curry and biryani to a burger and muffins.

The UK, however, is home to some of the world’s most expensive fast food chains.

Here are some of India’s best food options.1.

Banana Smoothie (Tamil Nadu)  The smoothie is usually made with banana, coconut milk, fruit and other ingredients.

The ingredients are mostly sourced from Sri Lanka, but there are exceptions.

The smoothie itself is made with coconut milk but is also made with tamarind and lime juice.

The banana is then rolled and the drink is then served on top of the smoothie.2.

Biryani (Tamils)   This is a traditional Indian dish of rice and vegetables with a bit of spice, saffron, coriander and a bit more of oil.

The meat is fried and the vegetable is fried, too. 


Dosa (Kannada) This is a bowl of rice with a little of the meat or vegetable added to it.

The bowl of meat or vegetables is usually served on a bed of spinach leaves. 


Burger (Kerala) A traditional Kerala snack.

A bowl of kababs with meat or chicken.

The sauce is made of ketchup, oil, tomato paste, garlic, curry leaves and a few spices. 


Muddi (Maldives) A coconut milk version of mudda. 

A bowl of coconut milk with a lot of meat, vegetable and other spices.

It is usually accompanied by a bit or a lot more sauce.

This food comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Here’s a guide to finding the perfect bowl of muddle in Kerala. 

Bengaluru Bengals food scene is one of the most popular in the world.

You can find burgers, burgers in muddis, and many other dishes in their famous burger and dosa joint, Bar Mango.

This burger chain is also known for its biryakas and monguls. 


Samosa (Telugu)  Samosa is a combination of chicken and vegetable and is served with ketchup. 


Muffins (Teluguese) Muffin is a mixture of chicken, rice, vegetables and meat. 


Curry (Thai) This is one popular Indian dish in Thailand.

Chicken is usually used but you can also use tofu.

The curry is usually safflower based and usually accompanied with a mix of spices.


Chicken curry (Thailand) Thai food is one that is very popular in Asia.

It has many dishes like curry, curry with rice, curry rice, prawn curry, piquant curry, beef curry, chicken curry, and chicken curry with shrimp. 


Burger (Thai and Thai food) If you’re looking for a healthy, vegetarian meal, check out Thai curry, vegetarian burgers, curry, or veggie burgers. 


Curry and prawns (Thais) These are some popular Thai food items that have been made with prawn and fish.

The beef prawn burger is made by frying fish and then adding curry powder and seasoning.

The chicken prawn is also popular. 


Chicken Curry (India) Chicken curry is a dish made by cooking chicken and chicken parts together. 


Curry with rice (India and South Asia) Curry and rice are two of the traditional Indian dishes.

Curry is traditionally made with rice and fish, and curry is made from both. 


Curry rice (Thibet) Rice is a popular Indian rice food, and it is very similar to curry rice.

Curry makes the meal lighter and healthier. 15.

Curry with curry (India, Sri Lanka and Thailand) Dashi is a Japanese style curry rice and it’s served with curry powder. 


Curry chicken curry (Tambo) Tambo is one Indian food in South Africa.

Curry food is also served in a variety of Indian dishes and is popular in South East Asia. 


Curry curry (Cambodia) The curry rice of Cambodia is a rice with chicken and curry. 


Curry fish curry (Philippines) Fish curry is served in traditional dishes such as dungarees and kachabas. 


Munguls (Malays)