By David A. CramerCNNMoney Staff WriterThe man who brought a snack wrap to the Oscars is no stranger to celebrity snacking.

But Damon Harrison — best known for playing the character of Dr. Holden Radcliffe in “Breaking Bad” and the character Walter White in the hit AMC series “Breaking Wheel” — had a new snack idea to share at the Oscars, and it’s a bit different from most.

Harrison, who has since moved on to other roles, decided to create a “Snack Wrap for Damon,” a one-of-a-kind, three-piece product that will go on sale at the Academy Awards in February.HARRISON, Damon: We were thinking about it for a long time.

And I was like, “Why not just do a three-pack of this, and maybe it’ll help a little bit of the community to just get some ideas going?”HARRISSON, Damon Sr.: I mean, the more we thought about it, the less I would be worried about what it would cost.

You know, it was kind of just like, I just don’t want to spend that much money on something.

And then we had a meeting and we were like, it just seemed like the right thing to do.HANDLER, Damon Jr.: I have a lot of stuff in my house that I just love to snuggle up to.

So I don’t think it’s even that big of a deal.

HARRISON, Damon (via Instagram): I mean the more you think about it and you go, “Yeah, that would be pretty cool,” I’m like, yeah, that’s definitely a thing that would make me feel good.HARVEY, Damon : So, it’s going to be a little more like a snack, and the one-piece packaging would probably be easier to handle than the box.

So it would probably feel like a real, handmade, kind of thing.HARBOR, Damon H: I have this really big box of boxes that I keep on my counter that I like to keep my snack wrappers in, because I don.t have any snacks that I’ve snuck in the back.

But I would definitely consider making a box, like a big box, just for a snack.HOBB, Damon S: You know I like making these things, I have my little box of box cutters.

I would probably get a little box cutter to make these for my kids.HAYES, Damon M: I don?t think that’s a very good idea, you know?

So, I mean I have to keep track of what I’m going to have, and I would love to have a little pocket that I can put a snack in, just so that I don´t have to put it in my pocket.HALLER, Damon L: We did this last year at the Grammys, and we just kind of tried to do something that people were excited about.

And it was just kind, it wasn?t as simple as a box.

It was something like, you put a little piece of the wrapper on, it is a snack wrapped around, it would feel really good, and you could take it with you.HILLER, Jason: It?s going to feel like it?s the first time we have ever tried it.HART, Jason & Co.: We had this idea and we kind of got excited about it.

We just kind-of just went, let’s try it, we kind- of thought about how we could make it work.

It didn?t work out.HORTON, Chris: I think I would like to think that this is the first thing that will really get people excited about Snack Wrap.

HORTON: I?m going to try to make a Snackwrap, but it?ll probably be something that I would wear to a bar or something.HORDON, James: And then I can just get it on.HORAN, Damon J.: I was kind-like a little kid, and now I have an adult life and I want to give back to this community, I want it to be something to kind of be a beacon of hope and joy for the people that are suffering.HUNTS, Damon R: I thought it would be really cool.

And the more I thought about, you just kind get this feeling like, well, I really want to help this community and it would just be something I would really, really, want to do and give back.

HUNTS: And I?ve always had this desire to help people, and to help, I think, with this thing.

HURST, Damon C: I just think that it would really be something people would be proud of. And if