The food court at McDonalds has a lot to live up to, with a variety of snacks and foodstuffs to replace the restaurant’s usual assortment of breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Key points:The replacement restaurants will have similar menu options and be open for 24 hours a dayThe replacement restaurant will be located at an existing McDonalds outlet in MarrickvilleFood court owner Maha Mahu said the new McDonalds locations would be a “good fit” for her business.

“We will have our own menu,” Ms Mahu told ABC WA.

“It will be very similar to the old McDonalds but they will have their own food and they will be open 24 hours.”

They will have the same number of outlets but the number of hours we are open will be similar.

“Food court owners have been lobbying for a new McDonald’s outlet in their local community for some time.

But it was a wait for the Government to approve a proposed project, which was approved by the Western Australian Government last year.

The proposed project is set to open in early 2018, with McDonalds Australia planning to open its new outlet at the end of 2021.

The company confirmed it would start accepting orders for the new location in early 2019.

The new McDonaldland has been described as a “big change” for the Perth market.”

This will be a big change for the local community,” Ms Maher said.”

The existing McDonaldland will still be in operation and we want to make sure we have the best possible menu.

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