Sargento, California (AP) Sargenty’s snack bar, one of the best places in town for a lunch or dinner snack, is a hit with kids with special needs.

The family-owned business is offering free snacks to anyone with an income under $5,000 and is even opening a cafe and food truck in the area.

They’re giving out treats, like a stuffed chocolate and peanut butter cake for the kids, to encourage parents to help them out.

Sargeny’s snacks are made with locally grown ingredients, with the addition of non-dairy milk and other products to help ease digestive issues.

It’s a family business, with seven employees and a team of about 30.

The bakery is located in a strip mall off I-10 in downtown SargENTO, about 30 miles east of San Francisco.

The company was founded by family members of the late Sargetyan, a local restaurateur who also owned a popular Sargedye bakery.

The owners, Mark and Diane Sargany, grew up in Sargenceo, a town about 10 miles south of Sargentin, where they bought the business in 2005, according to Sargtye’s website.

The shop is still run by family, with all the staff having children.

Diane Sargeant said her family used to spend $2,000 a month on snacks, including cookies, milk, and yogurt, but now they’re all working from home.

They have about 50-60 employees.

Diane said the shop’s main focus is on providing fun and good food, and she hopes to keep offering a variety of snacks, as well as a range of other products.

The Sargeryans bought Sargethan’s Bakery in 2010 and have been the owners for about 10 years.

They say the food was always a focus of their family’s lives.

Diane and Mark Sargeanty have worked as family breadwinners since the business opened, according the website.

“It was our dream to open our own bakery,” Diane Sarma told the Associated Press in a telephone interview from her home in Sargeento.

“I’m grateful that I’m still able to support my family in this business.

I can’t imagine not having this job.”

Mark Sarma said his family started the business because he had a sweet tooth.

“If you eat too much, it’ll affect your digestive system,” he said.

Sargeety said she and her husband started out making cookies but decided to expand their business after seeing how much customers loved their cakes.

She said she enjoys being able to give out treats.

“Every time they see it, they love it,” she said.

The two have a son and a daughter.

They said they hope the family can expand the business to serve other needs, like the elderly, who tend to require a lot of nutrition.

“This is a family-run business,” Diane said.

“We want to give the kids some fun, too.”

Diane Sagerty said she hopes the business expands to serve more people.

“There are people in this world who can’t do things like this,” she told the AP.

“That’s why we’re here.”

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