When you shop at a grocery store, there’s no need to worry about paying more than you need, according to a new report from the National Retail Federation.

The report says the cost savings can come as little as $3.25 per box, while saving up to $4.50 per box of food items at a Walgreen Supercenter store.

“This is a great way to save money on grocery purchases,” said Robert J. D’Agostino, the NRF’s senior vice president of consumer products.

The organization’s report found that Costco and Walmart have the highest savings rates at less than 10 percent, but Walgros Supercenter stores and Costco’s Walgroom stores both average savings of 11 percent.

A Costco shopper can save $6 on a bag of pasta, $8 on a pack of peanut butter, $9 on a dozen cans of beans, $12 on a bowl of spaghetti, $15 on a can of soup and $22 on a box of chips.

In addition, grocery store coupons are the best way to get savings.

At Costco, shoppers can save a whopping $7.50 off a can and $7 on a bottle of water.

At Walgens Supercenter, shoppers will save $5.50 on a six pack of canned tuna and $5 on a one pound bag of potatoes.

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