The world is a mess.

We’re all busy.

So when should you buy and when should not you buy?

And why are people eating so much?

In this episode of the Food and Fitness podcast, we take a look at the best snacks to eat and how you should prepare them to ensure they stay fresh and healthy.

Foods you should avoidThe following foods are likely to cause gas and are therefore best avoided.1.

White rice, rice cereal, and pasta2.

Noodles with a lot of fat and no fiber, such as corn, soy, rice, and couscous3.

Frozen or reheated soups4.

Rice, pasta, or white potatoes (cooked and frozen)5.

White bread, bagels, baguettes, and muffins6.

White corn tortillas and brown rice tortillas (brown rice is an unrefined grain)7.

Spaghetti and noodles8.

Corn and soy sauce9.

White cake10.

Soft-serve foods11.

Chips and breads12.

Soft drinks13.

Hot sauce14.

Hot dogs15.


Ice cream17.

Soft and sugary desserts18.

Popeye drinks19.


Canned foods21.

Fruit juices22.


Fruits, nuts, and seeds24.

Pies and cakes25.

Snacks for kids26.

Cookies and cookies27.

Cheesecake, pies, cakes, and pastries28.

Breakfast cereals29.

Breakfast and lunch snacks30.

Chocolate bars31.

Snack mixes and desserts32.

Chocolate candies33.

Candy, cakes and other candy34.

Candy bars35.

Candy and other candies36.

Candy floss37.

Candy jars38.

Candy rings39.

Candy bar holders40.

Candy containers41.

Candy decor items42.

Candy bowls43.

Candy trays44.

Candy dispensers45.

Candy bottles46.

Candy cups47.

Candy glasses48.

Candy wands49.

Candy candles50.

Candy mugs51.

Candy toys52.

Candy bags53.

Candy spoons54.

Candy balloons55.

Candy tubs56.

Candy balls57.

Candy tubes58.

Candy stars59.

Candy candies60.

Candy tins61.

Candy labels62.

Candy decorations63.

Candy boxes64.

Candy statues65.

Candy star plates66.

Candy cranes67.

Candy fireworks68.

Candy lights69.

Candy figurines70.

Candy flowers71.

Candy butterflies72.

Candy lollipops73.

Candy plants74.

Candy sunflowers75.

Candy trees76.

Candy flowerpots77.

Candy candlesticks78.

Candy chrysanthemums79.

Candy twigs80.

Candy petals81.

Candy bouquets82.

Candy bells83.

Candy earrings84.

Candy bracelets85.

Candy bobby pins86.

Candy beads87.

Candy necklaces88.

Candy bows89.

Candy bow ties90.

Candy ties91.

Candy hats92.

Candy gloves93.

Candy belts94.

Candy socks95.

Candy sandals96.

Candy leggings97.

Candy boots98.

Candy shoes99.

Candy beanies100.

Candy watermelons