By Jessica Bieler, Vice News—It may seem like a simple idea: Grab a gift card for Walmart.

But for some shoppers, buying a Christmas gift at Walmart can be the best way to get the most out of their hard-earned money.

“I don’t have a problem buying Christmas gifts because it’s always Christmas,” said Amanda Houghton, 29, a teacher from North Carolina.

“But if I have to get something from Walmart, I’ll get it at Walmart.”

The reason for the Walmart holiday shopping spree: Walmart sells items from its online store, where shoppers can find nearly 200,000 different items, for a price of just $1.49.

For the past few years, Walmart has been a major source of holiday spending for American consumers, especially for those who are shopping on a budget.

The retail giant’s holiday shopping season has also grown exponentially over the past five years, according to an annual survey by The NPD Group.

Last year, the company reported record profits of $1 billion, which equated to about $2.9 billion in earnings.

The company reported another record haul of $8 billion in revenue.

Walmart said in a statement that the $1-a-piece prices are “an average for our stores.”

The company also said that shoppers can also buy a Christmas card from its website.

“For a $1 gift card, you can redeem it for any of the more than 30,000 stores in Walmart’s online store,” Walmart said.

“It’s easy to redeem and can be used anywhere.”

For some shoppers who prefer to shop online, Walmart’s prices are lower, but still expensive.

“They are much cheaper, but there’s a difference between the $3-a/pound or $7-a bag of chips at Target, for example,” said J.M. Johnson, who runs a website for people who shop at Walmart.

“Walmart is a bit more expensive, but I’d still consider that a nice discount.

But if you’re a family member, I don’t see it as an option.”

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The spokesperson said Walmart also offers the following discounts:$5 off select Walmart gift cards: $1 off the Walmart gift card to the person in your household;$5 or more off a Walmart giftcard to a family or friends in your home;$15 off a $50 Walmart gift;$20 off a Christmas or holiday giftcard;$25 off a family gift or holiday, plus a $100 Walmart gift.

Walmarts online store is also offering a free shipping gift card.

Walmart said that customers can also get free shipping by going to the Walmart store online store.