Apple has published a new cookbook titled “How to Use the #Vegan Recipe Book on Your iPad”, featuring some recipes that use only vegan alternatives to standard foods.

The book features more than 30 recipes, ranging from vegan pancakes and quiche to simple vegetable wraps and chocolate chips.

Apple has also added a vegan-friendly version of the Apple Watch app to the list of apps it recommends for use with the device.

Apple is currently testing the app in a few markets and will roll out it in more countries in the coming weeks.

The vegan version of Apple Watch is also coming to Android, Windows Phone, iOS and Mac OS X soon.

Apple has previously made a big push to promote its own vegan products, including the Apple Carcase, the Apple Skinny Apple Macaroni and Cheese and the Apple Lemonade.

The company’s latest book also highlights the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Apple’s vegan books also include recipes for ice cream, baked goods, cheesecake, muffins, desserts and other vegan desserts.

The book also lists recipes for the Apple Apple Pie, Apple Cinnamon Roll and Apple Pie Crust.